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Supersensory Waterproof Coating

Mobile phones after feeling super waterproof membrane vacuum nano coating processing, throw in the water for up to 4 hours and no water, no damage, can normal answering calls in the water, you can also see underwater photographs and video, and even can be used for waterproof cameras, waterproof cameras, underwater photographs and video. Not only that, the mobile phone after the super-sensory mobile phone waterproof membrane vacuum nano coating treatment, increased the surface of the mobile phone scratch resistance, anti-wear function. Without the paster, increase the sensitivity of the mobile operating, screen appear a gender, reduce the reflective interference, can alleviate eye fatigue, protect eyesight, to enhance the heat dissipation capacity, reduce the phone's crash risk, can effectively prolong the use of mobile phones. What is more, the mobile phone that passes through vacuum coating still has antibacterial, antipollution, antistatic, antiradiation function.